Enhance your Body & Mind in this rare 2 Day Training Event

Octavio Q. will be coaching all participants in training regimen that includes his years of experience in Jeet Kune Do & Personal Training.


11-12 May, 2024 | Budapest


JKD Practitioners

& Martial Artists,

I trust this message finds you in great spirits. Exciting news awaits as we gear up for a seminar featuring the renowned Octavio Quintero in Hungary this May.To enhance your experience during this event, I extend my assistance as a fellow JKD enthusiast. Navigating a new country can be a challenge, and we are here to lend a hand.

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Octavio's personal message to You!

I want to welcome you to Budapest at this years annual Europe event for 2024!
If you’re looking to boost physical performance by attaining key principles around the human body then this is your opportunity to join. I’ve been studying the martial arts for 30 years and have created a system to ensure you gain results within a short period of time. Just a reminder, you don’t need martial arts experience! I’m not here to teach more ways. Instead I will be guiding you through 2 Day training camp to develop a preliminary & cohesive framework that will benefit your attributes for the rest of your life.

Personal Trainer & Jeet Kune Do Consultant

Here's how You can apply

Only those who have paid for the seminar will have a confirmed reservation

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Apply to JKD seminar

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11-12 May, 2024

Budapest, Hungary

Mátyás square 15.

Exclusive Class for Coach Training May 10

I will be accepting applications for this one time class prior to the seminar in Budapest.

Each attendee will take my coaching lessons home with them to begin building a satellite location of their own. In addition , ongoing support will be available to help equip you in your coaching venture through our online platform.

If you’re ready to take this step, reach out to me to see if you and I can work together

Personal Trainer & Jeet Kune Do Consultant

To apply:

Reach out to Octavio at info@octavioquintero.com or apply on www.theartofjkd.com

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+36 20 9312164