Getting around in Budapest

our beautiful capital

By car

If you decide to rent a car or if you arrive by car in Budapest, I recommend you use WAZE to find your way around.

Around the new location of Seminar the parking is FREE!

In the city center parking is NOT free unfortunately.

There are machines where you can pay for your parking, but it can be tough especially because most of the vending machines are old and can only accept coins. (or not working at all)

So I recommend downloading Simple that can facilitate the parking process by using your location thus determining the correct district and charges as well as paying for Highways (a 10 day vignette should be more than enough for the weekend and this is the basic ‘package’ that is available). 

Simpe App

Download >>

The app is also useful for purchasing tickets for public transport. Download the app and register your bank card in advance and you are good to go. 😊

Public transport

Public transport is pretty good in Budapest, especially in the city center. Download the “BUDAPEST GO” app and you will be able to plan your routes and select the most suitable one.


Download >>

. In addition, I recommend downloading Simple app where you can purchase your tickets and activate them each time you get on a vehicle using the provided QR code. Usage is quite straightforward. After downloading the app, register your bank card in advance and you are good to go. 😊

Simpe App

Download >>


I recommend the BOLT application in case you need to get a cab. If you don’t already have it, download it and register your bank card. 

Here is my phone number again: +36209312164.

Although you can provide the destination address in the app, it is worth showing the driver that you know some Hungarian dude who can verify the route, so they might not be so inclined to cheat you by selecting a much longer way…


Here are some of the sites worth visiting if you have some free time

  • Halászbástya
  • Hősök tere
  • Városliget
  • Budai vár
  • Parlament
  • Gellért hegy

Hungary is also famous for its bath-houses. The first one that might come to mind in Budapest is Széchenyi fürdő, but I do not recommend it. 

I used to go to either the Gellért fürdő (

or the Veli Bej ( )

Both can be found on the Buda side of the city. The JKD seminar will be on the Pest side 😉


New location for JKD Seminar!

Only for Seminar!

New location:

Pál Apostol Katolikus Óvoda, Általános Iskola És Gimnázium